2023 3rd International Conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering(EPEE 2023)

Parallel Session in India


EPEE.pngImportant Dates

Last Date of Paper Submission for Indian Participants29 August 2023
Last Date of Registration      10 September 2023



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IES University, Bhopal.jpgIES University, Bhopal
The IES University, Bhopal promoted by Infotech Education Society is working towards excellence in education and fulfilling the needs of highly demanding professionals since 1999, in the pursuit of serving the society through imparting education. Renowned Educationists, Philanthropists, Engineers and Technical Professionals constitute Infotech Education Society. The IES College of Technology Bhopal, one of the most reputed engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh, India was started in the year 2007- 08, to provide technical education. The IES University is managing AICTE/NAAC/NBA approved institutions in the field of Engineering and Technology, Management and Teachers Education Programs. The College campus is beautifully planned in 55 acres with pleasant landscaping presenting conducive environment for sincere and perfect learning.

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IES College of Technology, Bhopal

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MANIT, Bhopal


-Patron in chief

Dr. Sunita Singh
Group Director, IES College of Technology, Bhopal

-Conference Chair

Dr. N.P. Patidar
Professor & Head, Electrical Engg. MANIT, Bhopal

-Organizing Secretary

Dr. Sonali Paunikar
Professor & Head, Electrical & Electronics Engg. IES College of Technology, Bhopal

-International Advisory Member

Prof. M.L. Kolhe University of Agder, Norway

Keynote Speaker

Narayan Prasad Patidar-2.png
Dr. N. P. Patidar

Professor  & Head, Electrical Engg, MANIT, Bhopal
Dr. N.P. Patidar is Professor & Head, Electrical Engg. MANIT, Bhopal, India. He has supervised 13 Ph.D. and 35 M.Tech. dissertations. He has published more than 70 research papers in various journals and conference of repute. He visited Italy, Switzerland, France, Finland, Norway and Germany to deliver expert lecture. He is Fellow of Institute of Engineers (India). His research interests include Electricity Markets, Transmission Pricing, Ancillary Services, Power System Stability, Power System Security Analysis, Smart Grids and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Power Systems,Voltage Stability, Power System Operation and Control, Economic Operation of Power System, etc.

Speech title:Recent Trends in Power System Engineering

Abstract: The lecture on recent trends in power system engineering is going to be delved into the dynamic landscape of electrical power systems. It will began by highlighting the increasing integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and the challenges they pose in terms of grid stability and management. The speaker will emphasize the significance of advanced grid technologies like smart grids, which enable efficient energy distribution and consumption. The discussion will also touch upon the growing importance of energy storage solutions, such as batteries, to balance intermittent renewable generation. Additionally, the lecture will shed light on the burgeoning field of microgrids, offering localized and resilient power supply solutions. Overall, the lecture will provide a comprehensive overview of the evolving paradigms in power system engineering, emphasizing the need for adaptability and innovation in the face of a rapidly changing energy landscape.


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Indian Participants- 125 USD

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