2022 2nd International Conference on Energy, Power and Electrical Engineering(EPEE 2022)
Prof. Kai Wang

Prof. Kai Wang


Prof.  Kai Wang

Qingdao University

Prof. Wang is a post-doctoral research fellow, a specially-appointed professor and graduate supervisor at Qingdao University. He is also a member of the committee of ECDC of China Power Supply Society, a member of the committee of marine new energy and wave energy technology of Photovoltaic Technology Society of IEEE PES, a member of the committee of Shandong Electronic Ceramics Association, a member of the expert committee of AEIC, a member of Technology Talents Base of Shandong and Qingdao. Also, Wang is among the first batch of tutors for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Shandong, and a core member of the National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center (Qingdao) for Integrated Technology of Electric Automobile Intelligent Power. He has won a number of honors for his research works, and the first prize in the 5th Smart Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. Wang has published a book, owns over 10 patents and more than 10 practical inventions. He has chaired 8 scientific research projects, 5 educational projects, and is engaged in more than 10 other projects at national, provincial and municipal levels.